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Cell Phone: 778-237-3305

 Welcome! I am a personal trainer and a group fitness instructor. I am passionate about working with adults as most of my clients at this stage in life are serious about improving their fitness level and understand the value of a fit body. I will design a program that is safe and structured to your fitness level and abilities. 

Having worked with clients from ages 21 to 75, I strongly believe that any one can improve the quality of their life through practicing a safe and effective exercise program.

You will be rewarded with the stamina to truly enjoy living an active life.

Let's get started today!



Alex from Maryland, USA

I have transformed my body in 12 months training with Alesya!  

Alex  25

Curt Laub from Virginia, USA

'Thanks, Alesya!' I say that to myself all the time, whenever I do something that I know a few years ago would have caused me great pain! I am more

Anne Kennedy  from Vancouver, Canada

I have lost 50 pounds after 6 months of training with Alesya more

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