Virginia Tech 2008

 I have a great experience in guiding students in their research and projects, in facilitating students’ team work in Russia and in the Unites States. I have received a number of grants and scholarships from the leading international organizations, such as the US Agency for International Development, the US Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA), the Fulbright program, the Open Society Institute (OSI). ati 

If you are interested to learn about my academic life, you may take a look at my CV and a list of publications.

My professional career achievements have included ten years of teaching experience as an assistant professor at Far Eastern National University (Vladivostok, Russia), visiting Fulbright Professor at Elon University (Elon, NC, US), and participation in several international collaborative research projects.

I have two publications in internationally recognized journals and more than ten publications in the national Russian journals. My research interest is in the field of welfare policy, employment policy and privatization. List of publications is below.

Bogaevskaya, A., Chmura, Ch., Dunkenberger, M., and M. Pautz (2005) in K. DeRosear and L. Dudley (eds), Competing in the 21st Century: Moving Virginia’s Human Capital Meter. Blacksburg, Virginia Tech for Virginia’s Futures Forum.

Dudley L., Bogaevskaya, A. (2006) “Contracting as Policy: World Wide Implications” in Graeme A. Hodge (ed.) Privatization and Market Development: Global Movements in Public Policy Ideas. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

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Bogaevskaya, Alesya N., Morgan, Betty N. (2003), “Chinese Migration in the Russian Far East: Perspectives on Border Crossers, Migrants and Refugees”, AB Imperio: Theory and History of Nationalism and Empire in the Post-Soviet Space, v.2. Pp. 361-376.

Bogaevskaya, Alesya N. (2003), “National Identity Formation in the Russian Far East”, Analysis of Current Events, Published by Slavic& East European Studies, Baylor University for the Association for the Study of Nationalities, v.15 (2), May. Pp.18-21.

Bogaevskaya, Alesya N. (2002), “Globalization, International Labor Migration and Russian Far East”, Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics. Abstracts Network B/D. Available at:

Bogaevskaya, Alesya (2002), “Chinese Migration in the Russian Far East”. In Vitaliy Namokonov (ed.), Russia in the Focus of Criminal Globalization. Vladivostok, Russia: Far Eastern State University Press. P. 263-312.

Bogaevskaya, Alesya N, Smirnova, Olga V. (2001) “Inforsphere: A Status Report on Knowledge Development from Russia”. Society for the Advancement of Socio Economics. Available at:

Bogaevskaya, Alesya N., Morgan, Betty N. (2001), “Migration, Economics, and International Opportunism as Precursor to Regional Destabilization: Primorye Province as “Swept Away Republic”? in A.P. Latkin (ed.) Russian Far East in the System of Economic Interests of the APEC Countries. Materials of the International Scientific Conference. V.1. Vladivostok: Far Eastern State University Press. P.114-133.

Bogaevskaya, Alesya N. (2001), “Social Stability and Problems of Effective Management of Organizations in Transforming Russia”. In V.A. Sadovnichiy (ed.) Social-Political Stability in the Russian Federation and Formation of the Middle Class. Moscow: University and School Press. P. 101-134.

Bogaevskaya, Alesya N. (2001), “Management and Organizational Culture in Transforming Society: Comparative Analyses of Western Countries, Russia and China”. In I.I. Lasarev (ed.) The Culture of East-Asia: Past and Present. Vladivostok, Russia: VGUES Press. P.1-17.

Bogaevskaya, Alesya N. (2001), Social Management: Family and Social Policy. Textbook. Vladivostok: Far Eastern State University Press.

Bogaevskaya, Alesya N. (2001), “Socio-Economic Development of Russian Far East and Effective Migration Policy”. In Mikhail Shinkovskiy (ed.), Political and Socio-Economic Development of Russian Far East: Problems and Perspectives. Nakhodka, Russia: VSUES Press. P.44-55.

Bogaevskaya, Alesya N., Aniskevich, Alla S. (2001), Family and Family Relations. Textbook. Nakhodka, Russia: Business Technology Institute Press.

Bogaevskaya, Alesya N. (2000), “Social Transformation in Russia: Managing Conflict”. Psychological Journal of The Humanitarian Institute, Fall, v.1. Vladivostok, Russia: FESMA Press.

Bogaevskaya, Alesya N. (2000), Managing Conflict in Organization. Textbook. Vladivostok, Russia: Far Eastern State University Press.

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Romanchenko, Larisa N., Bogaevskaya Alesya N. (1995), “Human Relations in Politics”. In L.F. Erokhina (ed.) Introduction to Political Science. Textbook. Vladivostok, Russia: Far Eastern State University Press. P.115-135.

Bogaevskaya, Alesya N. (1995), Conflict Resolution in organizations in extreme conditions. Moscow: Moscow State University Press.

Recent Conference Presentations and Forum Participation
College of Architecture and Urban Studies Research Symposium, 02/01/2006. “Contracting as Policy: Worldwide Implication,” Collaborative paper presentation (co-author Larkin Dudley, Ph.D.).
Virginia Futures Forum. Researcher and Writer of the issue book, and Facilitator of public deliberation. Moving Human Capital Meter. Richmond, VA November 30- December 1, 2005.
Law and Society Association. Individual Paper Presentation “State Regulatory Capacity from Comparative Perspective”, Las Vegas, June 5-7, 2005.
SECOPA - South-Eastern Conference of Public Administration. Individual Paper Presentation. Charlotte, NC, September 2004.
ASN – Association for the Studies of Nationalities. Individual Paper Presentation. Columbia University, New York, April 11-13, 2004.
ASN – Association for the Studies of Nationalities. Individual Paper Presentation. Columbia University, New York, April 11-13, 2003.
Guest Lectures
East Carolina University, Russian Studies Program and Office of International Affairs
February 25-27, 2003, “Market Reforms and Managerial Capitalism: Transforming Management in Russia and Central and East European Countries”.
University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Department of Geography, March 2003, “Towards the Sun: Russians in America”.
Alamance Community College, Burlington, NC. March 2003, “History and Culture of Russia”.
University of Nebraska at Omaha, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, December 1997, “Social stratification and social mobility in transforming Russia”.
Community Service and Presentations:
Women Shelter. Radford. Court Interpreter for Montgomery County Court, VA June-July 2005.
Interpreter for an Immigration Attorney, Roanoke, VA June-July 2005.
Warm Heart Health Center, Blacksburg, VA, May 2004, “Russian Architecture and Art”.
Twin Lake Retirement Center, Burlington, NC, May 9, 2003, “Russians in World War II”. 

2003-in progress Ph.D. Candidate, Center for Public Administration and Policy, Virginia Tech.

2006 - Master of Public Administration, Virginia Tech.

1992-1995 – Ph.D., Department of State Management, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia. Degree received: Ph.D. in sociology. Specialization: Sociology of Management.

1983-1989 – B.A./M.A., Department of History, Far Eastern State University, Vladivostok, Russia. Diploma received: The Teacher of History and Social Science.

Professional Experience:
Summer 2006 – MPA Internship Coordinator, CPAP, Virginia Tech.
Fall 2005 – Adjunct Instructor, College of Architecture and Urban Studies, Virginia Tech. “The US Policy Process”, writing intensive course PSCI/UAP 3714

2002-2003 - Fulbright visiting professor, Political Science Department, Elon University, NC, USA. Duties include: giving GST course “Russia in Transition”, consulting,grants and projects development.

1999-2002 –Interim Chair of Social Management Department, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Member of the Far Eastern State University Scientific Council. Duties include: giving courses in Political Science and Public Policy: “Social Transformations in Russia: Theories, Practices and Comparative Perspectives”, “Social Policy: Women and Family in Russia”, and “Personnel Management”. As the Chair of the Department I was involved incurriculum planning, new courses development, and the realization of administrative responsibilities.

1997-1998 - Visiting scholar, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, University of Nebraska at Omaha, USA. USIA Junior Faculty Development Program. Research topic: “Conflict Resolution”.

1996-2002- Assistant Professor (part time), visiting lecturer, Management and Economy Department, Primorskiy Krai Institute for Continuing Education for Teaching Professionals, Vladivostok, Russia. Duties include: giving courses In Contemporary Sociology, Social Policy, and Social Transformations in Russia. Involved in organization of conferences and workshops for heads of Regional and Municipal Administrations and educational organizations.

Non-Profit Agency
1995-2002 - Regional manager of Primorye Province, Center for Socio-Political Research, Moscow, Russia. Management of elections polls and national socio-political polls.

Membership in Professional and Cultural Associations
Association for the Study of Nationalities; North Carolina Political Science Association; Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics; Law and Society Association.

Grants and Scholarships
1997 – Junior Faculty Development Program Grant, CIES, USA.
1999 – “Accent on Peace and Understanding” Washington State Teacher’s Association Travel Grant, Seattle, WA, USA.
2000 – Law and Society Association Grant for Eastern-European Scholars, USA.
2000 – Open Society Institute (Soros Foundation) Scholarship for study at Central European University, Budapest, Hungary.
2001 – Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics Scholarship for Eastern European Scholars, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
2001 - Open Society Institute (Soros Foundation) Scholarship for study at Central European University, Budapest, Hungary.
2001 – Far Eastern State University Rector’s Grant for outstanding research, Vladivostok, Russia
2002 – Open Society Archive Research Scholarship for Eastern European Scholars, “Privatization in Transition Countries”, Budapest, Hungary.
2002 – Fulbright Grant for Senior Fulbright Visiting Program, CIES, USA.
2001-2002 – Research grant for teaching course development: “Social Transformations in Russia”, Open Society Institute (Soros Foundation).

Conferences and workshops attended
I have attended more than 20 international and national conferences and workshops held in the USA, Netherlands, Hungary, Poland, China, and Russia.

March 17-19, 2006 – High Table, CPAP, Virginia Tech. Paper presented “From the NPM to New Governance: The European Employment Strategy.”

June 2005 - Annual Meeting of the Law and Society Association, Las Vegas, NE. Paper presented.
October 2004 – Annual Meeting of the SECOPA. UNCC, Charlotte. Paper Presented.
April 2004 – Annual Meeting of the Association for the Study of Nationalities, Columbia University, New York. Paper presented.
April 2003 – Annual meeting of the Association for the Study of Nationalities, Columbia University, New York. Paper presented.
March 2003 – Annual Meeting of North Carolina Political Science Association. Panel discussant.
May 29-31, 2002 - Annual Meeting of the Law and Society Association, Vancouver, Canada. Paper Presented.
June 25-27, 2001- Annual Meeting of the Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Paper presented.
April 3-4, 2001- Regional Scientific Conference: ”Political and socio-economic development of Far East: problems and perspectives.” Paper presented. Vladivostok, Russia.
2000-2001: organization and management of the FESU student team at the Atlantic Crisis Game, managed by the Atlantic Council of the USA Office of Education and the Successor Generations.
February 13-14, 2001 – International Conference: “Social Stability in Russia and Middle Class Formation”. Paper presented. Moscow, Moscow State University, Russia.
January 26-30, 2001 - International Workshop: “Tourism Trends Worldwide. Tumen River Area Marketing Training Programme”, Held by Robert Cleverdon, University of North London, Vladivostok, Far Eastern State University, Russia.
November 10-12, 2000– International Scientific Conference: The Culture of East-Asia: Past and Present”. Paper presented. Vladivostok, VSUES, Russia.
October 26-29, 2000 - Bringing New Perspectives Home: International Models & Local Initiatives for CIS Universities. Junior Faculty Development Program NIS Region Alumni Conference, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
October 10-13, 2000 - First International Congress of Conflictology: “ Contemporary Conflictology and Culture of Peace”. Paper presented. Kazan, Russia.
October 5-9, 2000 - Russian-Polish International Workshop and Consultations: “Comparative Sociology of Social Transformation”. Warsaw, Poland.
October 2-4, 2000 - Workshop: “Social Transformation in Russia”. Institute of Sociology, Russian Academy of Science, Moscow, Russia.
July – August, 2000 - Central European University Summer School course:
“Designing and Delivering Public Policies – From Values to Implementation”, Budapest, Hungary.

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