Alesya’s Rates

Training at a client’s home gym or outdoors (Stanley Park, Sunset Beach, Kits Beach)


One on One Personal Training – One (1) Hour Session (GST is not included)

Power Hour – High Intensity Training

1  session



Personal Training for Beginners

5 sessions


Get Fit in Five Weeks

10 sessions (twice a week)


Get Fit and Stay Fit

20 sessions





Partner/ Couples Personal Training – One Hour Session (GST is not included)

Power Hour – High Intensity Training

1  session



Personal Training for Beginners (two people)

5 sessions


Get Fit in Five Weeks

10 sessions (twice a week)


Get Fit and Stay Fit

20 sessions


*Additional participant $50.00 per session




Training sessions at YWCA   535 Hornby Street, Vancouver, BC, V6C 2E8  Google Map
604 895 5777   |   |



One on One Personal Training – One (1) Hour Session (GST is not included)

YWCA Member                                       1 session                    $69.00   


1 session


Two people/couple YWCA members          

1 session


Two people/couple  non-members          

1 session


Three people YWCA members

1 session


Three people non-members

1 session


Top 5 reasons for working with a Personal Trainer


More people decide to invest in Personal Training for motivation over every other reason. It is about staying motivated and on track to feeling and being healthier. A Personal Trainer provides unparalleled motivation. She helps you move past self-imposed limitations, stimulates a feeling of accomplishment in you, and helps you achieve goals that you never thought possible.


Studies have clearly shown that people who work with a Personal Trainer will achieve up to 80% better results three times faster than on their own. Personal Training is just that – personal! Every session is unique to your body type, needs, goals and the time frame in which you wish to achieve your results. These pre-planned workouts increase time efficiency.


Personal Trainers ensure that you exercise safely to prevent injury. Based on your individual health, they will fashion your workouts to help prevent or even alleviate health problems. Why do you take your vehicle to a mechanic? Because you trust them as a professional trained to do the job right. Think of your body like your vehicle and your Personal Trainer like your mechanic. You are worth the investment!


A Personal Trainer makes it easier for you to exercise consistently and helps you stay committed to your program. When you have a scheduled appointment and a smiling face waiting for you at the gym, you are a lot less likely to skip a workout.


Easy Payment Plan makes Personal Training affordable for any budget. Choose a customized payment plan to meet your financial needs. See a Personal Trainer for details.


5 myths about aging busted!

Aging experts and active boomers prove that exercise and age can go hand in hand

By Sarah Snowdon

Today, many boomers are running marathons and pitting themselves against competitors half their age. But myths about aging and exercise continue to shape our notion of what we can and can't do. Here, we look at five myths and separate fact from fiction.

Myth 1: Your body starts to deteriorate.
One of the most common myths abounding is that as you age you inevitably grow weaker. When studying people who kept training as they got older or began competing in middle age, researchers from the University of Pittsburgh found that you may be able to prevent this deterioration by staying active and that some physiological factors needed for good performance are not as affected by age as previously thought.

Myth 2: It's too late to start training for a marathon.
Marathon running after 50 was once considered to be too hard on your joints. Recent findings from the University of Pittsburgh suggest that people can start training later in life - one man in this focus group took up running at 62. A year later he ran his first marathon in 3 hours and 25 minutes.

For some, it takes a milestone to make this transition. "Turning 50 makes you re-evaluate your life.There is a feeling that it's your last chance to radicallyimprove your health," says Laurie Brown, the Toronto-based host of CBC Radio 2's late-night music program The Signal, who recently joined JeansMarines, an organization that helps womenrun or walk a marathon.

Carol MacDonald, a 58-year-old personal trainer and wellness specialist from Midland, Ont., is training for the race that will enable her to qualify for her second Ironman marathon. Her training consists of two and a half hours of swimming, five to seven hours of biking and five hours of running per week.

Myth 3: You become more susceptible to injury.
Perhaps the biggest fear about embarking on a new exercise regime is injury. "I used to be afraid of slipping outside in the winter but now I just wear ice trackers," says Brown, who now trains five days a week with three runs, yoga and pilates.

Taking breaks and listening to your body is paramount since you can over-train and become injured at any age. "Make a 10 per cent increase per week. If you go too hard, too fast you'll become prone to injury," advises MacDonald.

Myth 4: You don't need a personal trainer.
According to aging experts it is possible to achieve results with hard work and support from a professional. "If you haven't done anything in awhile then it's a good idea to get a program developed for yourself," says Colin Milner, CEO of the International Council on Active Aging.

But experts suggest approaching this search with caution. "It's not a regulated industry so look for someone with an education in kinesiology or exercise science," says Dr. Darren DeLorey, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation at University of Alberta.

Myth 5: Low-intensity exercise is better for people over 50.
If your idea of exercise is gardening or walking to pick up the mail, think again. "There's a difference between physical activity and physical fitness," says DeLorey. "There's a threshold of intensity that is required and you need at least three hours of activity per week."

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